Doraville Press Release on Pending Litigation

There have been several news stories recently about a lawsuit filed against the city of Doraville. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the pending litigation, but I can  point you to this statement that the city has released:  

Conditional Use Permit for St Martin’s Episcopal School (Former Star Towers)

At its May 21st meeting, Doraville’s city council voted in favor of granting a conditional use permit allowing St Martin’s Episcopal School to take three parcels of land along Stewart Road and to use them for athletic fields for their students. These properties currently house several vacant buildings (including “Star Towers”) and have been an eyesore for at least 10 years. I’m excited that we’ll be seeing a transformation of this area into active sports fields and well-maintained green space.

2018 Capital Budget – Parks in Northwoods

In 2015, Doraville published its Parks and Recreation Master Plan,  laying out a framework of improvements needed for every park in the city. Here are the improvements that were called for in the Northwoods neighborhood's parks: Brook Park Renovate tennis courts Add perimeter walking loop with paved access to park amenities Consolidate playground area, make ADA …