Reflecting on 2020 / Planning for 2021

I think everyone will agree that 2020 has been an off-kilter year. When I was sworn in this January, I had no idea Doraville would soon be confronting a global pandemic. Even though we were forced to swerve a bit, I think the city council and I were still able to accomplish a lot. Here's a list of the things I am most proud of getting done this year:

Doraville Declares a State of Emergency and Takes Steps to Protect Public Health

Tonight (March 18th), the Doraville City Council held a first read of an emergency ordinance (related to the Covid-19 Pandemic) that would do the following within the city of Doraville Require take-out only at restaurants/bars (no dining in)Close all massage, nail salon, and fitness club operationsClose all large event spaces At the end of the …

Mayor Geierman Instructs Doraville City Manager to Develop a Pandemic Preparedness Plan

As the Covid-19 virus begins to spread throughout the US, it seems likely that we are dealing with a health situation that could last for several months. To that end, I have asked Doraville's city manager to quickly come up with a pandemic preparedness plan that will keep the city operational even if a large …

Doraville’s Broken Budgeting Process

Doraville's budgeting process is broken. Unless Doraville elects a mayor who is willing to take the leadership on this, we will not see significant changes to the way our city handles its budget, and more tax increases are likely on the horizon.