How Doraville is Responding to the Pandemic

Governor Kemp has declared a public health emergency, and is marshaling all the resources at his disposal to slow the spread of the virus called “Covid-19.”

We just need to look to Italy, Iran or China to see what will happen if the disease spreads unchecked: our medical system will be overloaded by sick people and many will die for lack of resources. By enforcing measures to keep people apart (“social distancing”), we can slow the spread of this virus, prevent hospital beds from filling up, and save lives. 

Doraville is doing its part: 

  • The city is cancelling all public gatherings for the next 30 days – including the business forum that had been scheduled for March 17th, and the Spring Fling on April 4th. Both events will be rescheduled as soon as possible. 
  • All court dates will be postponed for at least the next two weeks
  • All parks and recreational activities will be suspended for a period of at least 30 days. 
  • All Civic Center events are postponed for at least the next 30 days.
  • The Doraville library will be closed through at least March 31st
  • City employees who are able to work from home will begin doing so immediately. 

In addition: 

We are canceling the city council’s work session on Monday night, and looking into ways we can continue to hold lawful open meetings while minimizing large gatherings of people. We are appealing to the governor for guidance on this as well. The city will take other steps as they become necessary.

These measures are going to be difficult, but they are about keeping our entire community safe. In fact, my top concern is your safety. You can reach out to me with any questions or concerns via email at or via phone at 678-373-9137.

– Joseph Geierman