Mayor Geierman Instructs Doraville City Manager to Develop a Pandemic Preparedness Plan

As the Covid-19 virus begins to spread throughout the US, it seems likely that we are dealing with a health situation that could last for several months.

To that end, I have asked Doraville’s city manager to quickly come up with a pandemic preparedness plan that will keep the city operational even if a large portion of its workforce falls ill.

Items I have asked him to consider include identifying critical and customer-facing jobs that must be staffed in person. I’ve also asked him to look into the city’s work-from-home policies to make sure we have a way to allow people to work from home if necessary and practical. We will also be placing hand sanitizers at entry points into all public buildings, as well as posting reminders from the CDC to wash hands, cover coughs, and follow other health protocols.

It is important to remember that this illness can be spread by anyone, that it does not discriminate against particular ethnic groups or regions of the world, and it will only be stopped by following basic steps like frequent hand-washing and refraining from touching one’s face. Preparation, and not panic, is our best friend in a situation like this.