Run-off Election is December 3rd

The run-off election for Doraville mayor will be held from 7am to 7pm on Tuesday, December 3rd at City Hall. This go-round, there will just be two candidates on the ballot:

  • Joseph Geierman
  • Donna Pittman

Turn-out is going to be crucial. We are expecting a big drop-off in enthusiasm, and our opponent’s supporters are going to be motivated to come out to keep her in office. We can’t win this race without you. Please come back to the polls on December 3rd!

Unfortunately, there will not be the same opportunity for early voting in this election that there was in the general. You can, however, request an absentee ballot. Download and fill out an absentee ballot request form here. You can email a scanned version of the completed (and signed) form to, or you can mail it to 4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 300, Decatur, GA¬† 30032-1239. I’m also happy to drop off or pick up any absentee ballot request forms if that would make things easier for you (contact or call 770-330-5345).

We’re within reach of winning this election – let’s take it over the finish line and win!