Campaign Contribution Reports: Update

On the day before the November 5th election, the city released all Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports that had been due the Friday before. These reports cover contributions and expenditures from October 1 through October 25th 2019.

As I did when the first set of these reports was released in early October, I have put together reports in folders and created spreadsheets showing the contributions to mayoral candidates.

Mayoral Candidates:

Council Candidates:

You can view the council Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports in the online folders below. Shannon Hillard and Jessica Killingsworth had not turned in their reports at the time I requested the files. Several candidates in these races did not accept any contributions.

Heading into the run-off:

Based on her reported campaign contributions, Donna Pittman has raised $47,830 – most of it from businesses that are invested in the status quo in Doraville. I have received $10,944.87 – most of it from residents, friends and small donors.

Even though I’ve been at a fundraising disadvantage (I refuse to take money from businesses and lobbyists who do not share our vision for Doraville’s future), I believe I have run a campaign that has done a good job of getting out our message about the city’s next chapter. If you’re interested in contributing to my campaign as we enter the run-off period, you can do so at this link.