A Timeline of the Doraville Kmart – Lots of Promises; Little Action

2011Doraville’s Kmart closes in November; also in November 2011, Donna Pittman is elected to her first full term.

2015In the Summer of 2015, a new project is announced for the site of Doraville’s empty Kmart: Nexus. That Fall, Donna Pittman is re-elected in a landslide.

2018 – Mayor Pittman promises in the state of the city address that Kmart will be demolished and Nexus will be built “soon”. The backstory is that the developer had a hard time getting bankers to finance the project, as it was considered very ambitious.

May, 2019 – At the State of the City address, Mayor Pittman announces that the site of the Kmart has new owners, and that it will be torn down “soon.”

October, 2019 – On her personal Facebook Page, Mayor Pittman announces that the new owners of the Kmart site are developing a mixed-use project that will feature retail, a food-hall, offices, hotel and multi-family housing (very similar to what was pitched for Nexus).

Commentary: I hope this new developer is able to do everything Mayor Pittman is promising. She didn’t post any details about the players involved, nor did she link to an official press release. The timing seems geared to coincide with her re-election efforts. Based on my own canvassing, I’m sure she has gotten an earful about the state of the Kmart site.

Time will tell whether or not these new promises pan out, but the end of the day, what this points out to me is that we have 8 years of promises that have not been fulfilled . It is time for change and time for us to elect a proactive leader who has a vision for our city.