Planned Intersection Improvement – Wheeler/Chestnut

Two important infrastructure projects in the Northwoods neighborhood are being bid for contract right now. The first is the addition of the ADA ramp to Brook Park, which I’ve written about before. The second is an improvement to the intersection at Chestnut and Wheeler.

Currently, the intersection of Chestnut and Wheeler is very dangerous. There’s not a clear delineation where one street starts and the other ends. In situations where there is a lot of traffic, it can be confusing for drivers coming from both streets. Here’s what it looks like from Google Streetview:

Intersection of Chestnut & Wheeler – November 2018

The change would force traffic going coming from Buford Highway on Chestnut to either turn into a left or right curve. Traffic coming from Dekalb Tech Parkway on Chestnut would turn into a clearly marked turn lane onto Wheeler. Vehicles going from Wheeler to Chestnut would have a stop sign (whether heading towards Dekalb Tech Parkway and Buford Highway).

I think this will make the intersection safer for vehicle traffic. What do you think about this improvement? Let me know at