Update on Forming a Planning Commission Subcommittee to Evaluate Northwoods Zoning Protections

Northwoods has been my home since 2001. I originally came here because I wanted to live in a ranch-style house inside the perimeter. Over the years, I have fallen in love with the neighborhood and its people – which is what ultimately inspired me to volunteer for public service.

I’m excited about the development prospects that are coming to Doraville – but also concerned about what they could mean for my neighborhood and its character. I do not want Northwoods (or Doraville, for that matter) to lose the traits that make it special. In particular, I worry about re-development that could lead to many of our historic homes being torn down and replaced by McMansions that don’t really fit the neighborhood’s character.

After I brought this issue up in a community forum last Fall (getting lots of good feedback from residents of the neighborhood), I was able to get the council to agree that this is something we should work on. I brought the subject up again in a joint work session with the Planning Commission, and at their last meeting, Commission Chairman, Andy Yeoman, agreed to set up a committee to review whether there are zoning strategies that the city could use to protect Northwoods’ character.

Commissioner Yeoman cannot set up a committee without the council’s authorization, because this project would require the work of some city staff. The council is going to be asked if they will support the creation of a committee at its April 8th work session. The consensus of the other members will determine whether we get to have a real public process made up of members of the community or not. I think a community-led process is important, and hope the rest of the council ends up agreeing with me.

You can email the mayor and other council members by clicking on their names: Donna Pittman, Pam Fleming, Joseph Geierman, Shannon Hillard, Stephe Koontz, MD Naser, Robert Patrick.