A Proposed Resolution Regarding Rental Registries

I have been concerned for some time about certain unscrupulous landlords who disregard the safety of their tenants by packing as many people as they can into a boarding house situation. The living conditions for the people renting rooms (or portions of rooms) in these chopped up homes are often unsafe, and the strain on the sewer, trash, traffic and other city systems can have a potentially big negative impact on neighbors.

At our February 4th work session, I will be asking that the council authorize our attorneys to draft a resolution encouraging the state legislature to allow municipalities to maintain rental property registries (the state government currently does not allow this). I would not want to register the renters, but instead focus on the owners of properties – who I believe are the ones truly responsible for creating these conditions. This would be a first step toward getting our arms around Doraville’s boarding house problem. You can read the item I put together for the packet here. This would be the first step in a long-term effort to get our legislators to take this seriously.

If you agree with me that this is an important issue, please contact the mayor and other council members to voice your supportthe contact info for the mayor and council can be found here.