A Statement About Doraville’s Participation In Atlanta Pride

I would like to take an opportunity to applaud and publicly stand by our city manager for her decision to register Doraville in the 2018 Atlanta Pride Parade. This is the premiere event in the Southeast promoting pride, unity and visibility among lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people.  Participating this year is a big move that will help tell our city’s story about diversity and inclusiveness to the rest of the metro area. It’s also an opportunity to both publicize job openings at city hall (highlighting the city’s long-standing non-discrimination hiring policy); as well as a way to promote the city to employers and businesses in the area that value inclusiveness when looking for a jurisdiction in which to open up shop.

The city spent a minimal amount of money to register for the parade and to get a booth in the festival grounds. Council Member Koontz and I have spent our own money on shirts and giveaways for participants in the event. I speak for myself when I say that I am doing this because I am excited the city has decided to get involved in this way, and I want to personally support that decision in any way I can – including monetarily.

A failed anti-LGBT politician – who will do and say anything to get in the spotlight – is protesting Doraville’s participation in this year’s Pride. We should not be distracted by this person’s anti-LGBT agenda, or question the city’s participation in this event as he does not represent most of the people I know in our city.

The Doraville that I know and love is a diverse, accepting place – the first municipality in Georgia to elect an openly transgender official (my friend and colleague, Stephe Koontz)! We were one of the first small cities in Georgia to elect an openly LGBT person to city council (Brian Bates)! We are proud of our non-discrimination policy for hiring city workers! We should celebrate our history as an inclusive city, which is why I support the city manager’s decision 100%.

Doraville is an amazing, diverse, and welcoming city. I encourage anyone reading this to march with us on Sunday, October 14th (send me an email at Joseph.geierman@doravillega.us for information)