Assembly is Quickly Moving Forward

I heard a few comments recently about Assembly – the former site of Doraville’s GM Plant – saying that it looked like a “parking lot.” This is because cars from the nearby dealership have been lined up along Motor’s Industrial for the last few weeks. These comments surprised me, because I ride MARTA every day, and every time I look at Assembly from the platform or the train, it appears to me to be an extremely active construction site.  

On June 26th, I took some photos of the progress at Assembly from the Doraville train platform.  I could barely see the cars people had been talking about (I think these are more visible if you’re driving on 285 or Motor’s Industrial), but I was actually impressed by how much work has been done in just a few months:

A view of the Serta Simmons Bedding Headquarters building, plus the parking deck they are starting to work on at the back of the building
To the right is the research facility being built next to Serta Simmons Bedding’s new headquarters
There is a wide swath of  construction activity across Assembly – very little of it bears a resemblance to a parking lot

I’m gratified so many people are excited about this site, and want to see more happening there. In fact, I largely ran for office because I believe:

  1. Redevelopment of Doraville’s former GM plant is essential to the future of the city
  2. The city must prioritize the covered road (slated to go under the MARTA station) that will connect Assembly and Downtown Doraville

I hope that all the people who are  concerned about that small portion of Assembly being used for overflow parking will join me in advocating for the covered road that will connect the site to MARTA and the rest of the city. That connection will accelerate growth, and help encourage even more of the development that I know many of our residents would like to see.

I’m excited about Assembly, and very proud that our city was able to secure the Headquarters of a prestigious company like Serta Simmons Bedding. It’s been a treat to watch this facility come out of the ground!

The total scale of this development is huge at 165 acres, so it’s important to keep the “big picture” in mind, to realize that this is a 10 year project that has only just gotten started. We also need to prioritize whatever steps (like the covered road) we believe will encourage quality development. I’m grateful you elected me as one of your leaders to make sure this project gets the support it needs.