Property Tax Assessments – Appeals Process Reminder

Property taxes provide a large chunk of revenue for municipal and county governments, as well as for public schools. These taxes are calculated based on an estimate of property value that is made by the county’s tax office annually.

While I think that the assessors are generally trying to be fair, they may not always get it right. We are lucky that in Georgia, all property owners have the right to appeal their property tax assessment within 45 days of receiving it. You are able to file your appeal online, and you will receive a hearing date with the assessor and a board of other property owners (who may judge your case if you and the property assessor can’t work out a fair value) sometime in the Fall.

It’s an easy process, and won’t take more than a few hours of your time. It could also save you hundreds of dollars annually. You can find instructions for the entire appeal process here:

Hat tip to Dunwoody Councilman, John Heneghan, who has posted reminders about appealing property taxes annually for many years. The deadline to file is 45 days after your assessment was sent out (so around July 16).