Community Presentations

In the city council’s last work session, we received a few presentations about projects that the city has rolled out, or is rolling out soon. I am sharing them here for any residents who are interested:

Text to 911 – this is a new feature that allows you to use your mobile phone to text “911” if you are in a situation where you cannot make a voice call. This feature is active now, and is text-only (does not support pictures/video). If you use this feature outside Doraville, in a jurisdiction that does not offer text-to-911, you will receive an error message. Police will not be able to track you via text, so you will need to tell them your location.

Adopt-A-Spot – this is a program that the city is rolling out in May. It will offer residents an official way to beautify city owned property and get support. For example, someone planting tulips in the right-of-way would be able to get the city to purchase bulbs, or provide soil or mulch. Contact city hall at 770-451-8745 to get more information

This week, I also received a copy of Dekalb County’s most recent update on the sewer consent decree. This decree has been stalled for a number of years, but the county says it is back on track. They list factors that have stood in the way of carrying out this decree in the past, and what they’ve done to address them. They also ask that residents help the county’s efforts by not pouring Fats, Oils or Greases down their drain. Contact information for the department of Watershed Management is: 770-270-6243 or