Addressing Sanitation Issues

This week, I had a conversation with our city manager about several of the complaints regarding trash collection that people have posted to social media or sent to me directly. Among the biggest issues:

  • Sanitation drivers throwing cans into driveways or yards without consideration for the damage they may cause to landscaping or the annoyance they cause when people get home from work and can’t pull into their driveway
  • The recycling buckets that are not enclosed and allow refuse to blow away and litter the neighborhood – many people would prefer rolling bins for recycling
  • Items left out on the side of the street for long periods of time, not getting picked up when they were supposed to be
  • Doraville residents don’t know who to call when they are requesting something related to trash-pick up. Sometimes they’ve been directed to call Advanced Disposal, and sometimes they’re re-directed by Advanced to call City Hall.

The city manager will be meeting with Advanced Disposal’s representative in the next few days to address some of the service issues we’ve experienced – including skipped pick-ups and carelessness with bins. At the same time, the city is going to work to improve its own processes related to garbage pick-up, scheduling and issue-tracking. In the coming weeks, I expect we will see some communication directly from the city about this plan and what it will mean for us.

In the meantime, the city should always be your point of contact for sanitation-related issues, and I’ve been given renewed assurance that our administrative staff will be following up on any requests they receive regarding complaints. The number for city hall is 770-451-8745.

If you would like to have an appliance, sofa, or other bulk-item picked up, please call city hall at 770-451-8745 to request the pick-up. They will give you a date when they are able to sche​dule Advanced Disposal to come pick it up. Do not place your items on the curb before this date. If the pick-up doesn’t happen, please let the city know immediately so they can address that with the vendor.

Please feel free to reach out directly to me at if you have any trash-collection related issue that does not get addressed in a timely manner or a question that city hall has not been able to answer for you.