Auto Oriented Business in PIB Marketplace – Feedback Requested

In 2016, Doraville completed a Comprehensive Plan that lays out its development roadmap for the next 20 years. To formulate this plan, the city put together a committee made up of residents, business owners, and other stakeholders (I was actually on this committee) – there were also meetings in different parts of the city that solicited broader resident input. The end result is a strong document that I believe accurately reflects what our residents would like to see Doraville become.

At the North part of our city, the plan identifies an area it calls the “PIB Marketplace” – it is adjacent to the Tilly Mill and Winters Chapel neighborhoods that has been identified for future mixed-use development, with an emphasis on walkability. Auto related businesses (gas stations, repair shops, etc) are not a part of the vision for this zone, and may hinder its creation. I have circled the Northernmost portion of the PIB Marketplace area on the city map below.

PIB Marketplace

On January 16, 2018, the council considered a request for a Conditional Use Permit for an auto glass repair business that wants to go into a spot on the access road that runs along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. It requires a Conditional Use Permit, because auto oriented businesses are no longer allowed in this zoning area. The adjacent businesses are a sign business, a liquor store, and some offices in the back. The business currently using this building is a used tire store:


These are some photos I took of the property that Lightning Auto Glass business would like to move into:

Council Member Koontz made several suggestions including:

  • Removing the chain link fence and replacing with a double-sided wood fence
  • Demolishing the free standing building in the back (currently used to store tires)
  • Making the sign in the front of the business code-compliant

Council Member Naser also made a couple of suggestions for his support:

  • Remove one of the driveways, eliminating a curb cut
  • Add/widen a sidwalk in front of the business.

Several nearby businesses spoke out in favor of the windshield repair business moving into this space. The owner made a passionate statement about wanting to invest in our community. Council Member Fleming indicated her support for the project if the changes above were made, and the case was sent back to staff to re-work the Conditional Use Permit request.

You can view the council meeting video of this hearing at this link. The portion that discusses the CUP for this auto glass business starts at 46:00 minutes, and ends at 1:14:40.

Council is going to vote on this on February 5th. While I think the changes above will be improvements to the site, they still do not support the comprehensive plan (which suggests that mixed-use residential should go in this location). I would like to hear from residents – particularly ones who live in the Winters Chapel and Tilly Mill areas – to hear what they would like to see in this area. I can be reached at