Leadership with a Vision

It has been my great honor to serve you on Doraville City Council. I’m proud of my efforts on your behalf, and I believe that the best way I can continue to serve you is to announce my candidacy for mayor in November’s election.

Doraville is a place with great potential. Even so, over the last decade, we have started to fall behind our neighboring cities. In this election, we need to do better than maintain the status quo – we need a leader who will embrace new ideas; a leader who is willing to listen to and communicate with our residents; and a leader who will work to make Doraville a place businesses want to come to. As your next mayor, I promise to be that leader.

Under my leadership:

  • We will Bring Businesses and Good Paying Jobs Back to Doraville: Doraville currently has a reputation as being a hard place to open or operate a business. We will begin serious work on improving our processes related to permitting and licensing, as well as our efforts to market the city  – making Doraville a place employers and developers want to come to.
  • We Will Take a “Big Picture” Approach to Economic Development: In addition to focusing on the former GM plant, the city will also begin work on our downtown redevelopment, allow for more mixed use development along Buford Highway, and provide more and better connectivity between our neighborhoods and the city center.
  • We will Improve Government Transparency and Implement an Open Door Policy For City Government: The best ideas are born from collaboration. With that in mind, as mayor I will prioritize engaging our residents in the operation of our government. In particular, we will create new boards and commissions – including ones focusing on public art, parks, and the city’s finances. We will also focus on improving how the city communicates with residents. 

I’m asking for your support, and I want to hear from you! Please let me know when we can chat; I’d love your ideas for the next chapter of our City! 

Doraville has a bright future, but we need leadership with a vision to take us there. That’s why I’ve decided to get in this race and why I’m asking for your vote.

About Joseph

Joseph Geierman has lived in Doraville since 2001. He has been actively engaged with our community for much of that time – serving most recently as a member of city council for District 2. He has also served on several city committees and commissions, including the Doraville Active Living Initiative, the Doraville Comprehensive Plan Citizen Advisory Panel, and as a member of the Planning Commission. He was also president of NANA – the Northwoods Area Neighborhood Association.

Joseph has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from University of California at Santa Cruz, and a Master’s degree in Building Construction and Facility Management from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has worked at the law firm Troutman Sanders since 2009, where he is Director of Real Estate and Facilities.

A native of Southern California, Joseph lives with his husband, B.J. Abbott, and their dog Belle.

Reflecting on 2020 / Planning for 2021

I think everyone will agree that 2020 has been an off-kilter year. When I was sworn in this January, I had no idea Doraville would soon be confronting a global pandemic. Even though we were forced to swerve a bit, I think the city council and I were still able to accomplish a lot. Here’s a list of the things I am most proud of getting done this year:

Doraville Declares a State of Emergency and Takes Steps to Protect Public Health

Tonight (March 18th), the Doraville City Council held a first read of an emergency ordinance (related to the Covid-19 Pandemic) that would do the following within the city of Doraville Require take-out only at restaurants/bars (no dining in) Close all massage, nail salon, and fitness club operations Close all large event spaces At the end …