My Vision (Why I’m Running)

I got in this race to give the people who want to vote for progress a choice.

If elected, I will focus on: 

  • Improving the city’s zoning and permitting processes in order to (1) attract more residents, (2) make  it easier for businesses catering to those residents to open (3) encourage companies moving to Metro Atlanta to choose our city as their location.

  • Updating the city’s codes so that they are easily enforceable and understood – by both homeowners and businesses, as well as by enforcement officers.

  • Clamping down on unscrupulous landlords who allow their properties to fall into disrepair, allow unsafe living conditions to develop, and who do not pay their fair share of taxes.

  • Integrating new developments like Assembly (on the old GM site) and Nexus (located just outside the perimeter) into our city.

  • Partnering with Chamblee, Brookhaven and Dunwoody to ensure that Doraville is an active and valued participant in the “Gateway Partnership” initiative.

I am the right person for this job because: 

Our city has a plan – it’s the Design Doraville comprehensive plan that citizens spent 2016 giving feedback on. I was actually on the citizen committee overseeing that process. Now you need a council that can implement it. I am the only candidate in the District 2 race who supports and understands this plan and who can work with others to make it a reality. Here are some other important facts about me:

  • I’ve lived in the community for nearly 16 years, and have been actively engaged in neighborhood and city issues throughout that time.

  • I have leadership experience – not only at my job, where I head up the Real Estate and Facilities group – but also having served as president of several professional groups, as well as my neighborhood association.

  • I am the only candidate in this race in district 2 who can work well with others. I am able to work across the board for the greater good, and would do this in my position as city councilman for Doraville.

  • For residents who care about progress on many important issues in Doraville, I am the best choice in the District 2 race.

Vote Joseph Geierman for the District 2 City Council on November 7!

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About Joseph

Joseph, B.J., and Belle at home

Joseph Geierman (pronounced “Guy-er-mun”) has lived in Doraville’s Northwoods neighborhood since 2001. He has been actively engaged with the community for much of that time  – most recently in his roles as the president of NANA (the Northwoods Area Neighborhood Association) and serving on the city’s Planning Commission.

Joseph has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz and a Master’s degree in Building Construction and Facility Management from Georgia Tech. He has worked at the law firm Troutman Sanders since 2009, where he is Director of Real Estate and Facilities. He has also served as president of both the International Facility Management Association’s Atlanta chapter, as well as its Legal Industry Council.

A native of Southern California, Joseph lives with his husband, B.J. Abbott, and their dog Belle.